Easily Edit Customer Orders from Your Ecwid Dashboard

Install App
  • Authorize the app in your Ecwid store
  • Go to “Order Editor” in your Ecwid Dashboard
  • Adjust an order you need
Change order items

Edit Orders from Your Control Panel

After you authorize the Ecwid app, you will see “Order Editor” added to your Control Panel.

Modify Items, Options, and Quantities

Did your customer make a mistake and want that gorgeous shirt in a different size? Now you can easily adjust existing orders right from your Ecwid dashboard.

Change order items
Change order total

Adjust Pricing and Taxes

Need to adjust the total amount owed by a customer after they placed an order? Easily add discounts, adjust shipping costs, or modify tax rates.

Update Customer Address

Customer called you to change the shipping address they entered at checkout? It‘s a piece of cake to update the address in your control panel.

Update Customer Address

Add the “Order Editor” feature to your Ecwid Dashboard

Install App

How to install?

All you need is to authorize the app in your Ecwid store by giving it the neccessary permissions. And that’s all, you can edit your orders right from the Ecwid dashboard.

Need help?

If you have a questions about the app please refer to “Edit orders App” article or contact Ecwid support.

How does it work?

The app adds an “Order Editor” tab right to the Ecwid control panel, where you can find the order you need and edit it. You don’t need to visit some other site or service.

How much does it cost for me?

The “Order Editor” app is available for Business and Unlimited Ecwid users. Upgrade today to take advantage of this feature.